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A Society through which women and girls of Northern Uganda live in an enabling environments and have meaningful alternatives to become self-reliance, and live in dignity.



To work for women and girls’ empowerment and prosperity in Northern Uganda and make effort to lobby and support to alleviate the plight and improve on their quality of life



FOWAC exist to improve the quality of life for women and girls affected by conflicts in Northern Uganda.

Thematic Areas

• Sustainable agriculture and income generation
• Micro credit program for the group (VSLA)
• Vocational training and support
• Value addition and market linkages 

• Psychosocial rehabilitation of SGBV and victims of war conflicts
• Medical support
• Reproductive health education and medical support to women
• Community/family engagements
• vocational skills training  

• human rights training and support to local women leaders
• Couple seminar
• Women’s rights training
• Life skills training for women and girls
• Support for local rules/bye-law
• Awareness raising legal rights
• Community/stakeholders engagements
• Adult Education  


Core Values

FOWAC exist to improve the quality of life for women and girls affected by conflicts in Northern Uganda

Broad Objectives

• To mobilize, organize and facilitate disadvantaged women and girls for their own socio-economic development and that of their communities.

• To provide psychosocial support to women, girls and their families

• To organize community-based women groups and train them in best agricultural practices, income generating activities, micro finance management and vocational skills training.

• To protect and promote the rights of women and girls

• To support and promote education of women and girl. 

Respect for human rights irrespectively








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